Hardware and software for parcel lockers

Cutting edge technology to improve user experience in ecommerce

Create your parcel locker network

Parcel lockers are modern, cost-effective, automated alternative of pick-up points. All you need for a locker to run is 2 sq.m space with access to electricity and Internet.
Cloud-based remote control
Our parcel locker software enables you to track what is happening with the orders in real time.
See the analytics of lockers' and each cell's utilization, order turnover or most popular pickup time.
The parcel locker screens can be used for remote placement of advertising pictures.
Locker Screen
Our locker screen aplication is the most user-friendly and intuitive. Additional options could be:
- Branding: customized colors, company logo
- Contactless payment (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay)
- Custom photo or video content.

Locker Design
The parcel locker and each cell can get custom size in width, length and depth.
Available in any powder coating color or foil lamination.
Optionally parcel lockers can have
- manual emergancy unblocking system
- sensors to check if the cell is empty
- cooling or heating cells
- video cameras.

Mobile app to open parcel lockers
The fastest way to collect orders from parcel locker

Benefits of app controlled lockers

Time saving
Compared to entering PIN or scanning QR codes mobile unlock offers a truly lightning-fast pickup process

Social Distancing
No more crowded lines during order collection. It's just the recipient and his parcel. Interacting directly

Less Touch-points
Using mobile app, clients can open the lockers without having to use the touchscreen

When using mobile app parcel lockers can be operated in areas without internet connection. The app saves all the data, and then transfers it as soon as the phone has connection

Automated parcel lockers for contactless delivery in retail & more

Automated parcel lockers are a safe, frictionless click & collect solution for the rising e-commerce.
The cloud based locker software shows space availability for packages in real-time, sends notifications when the order is ready to collect, when it has been collected or returned.
VSGate offers contactless delivery software and hardware to launch networks of parcel lockers, instore pickup lockers, food lockers, office lockers and any other smart lockers for new business ideas.

VSGate software works with top parcel locker manufacturers

Here you will find the ultimate list of locker solutions – equipment and software tools to facilitate the package delivery and return process.
Deliver your goods when and where your clients want it
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