Open doors | with your phone

Modern cloud-based access system
Remote access granting with just one click
A user-friendly web platform integrated with CRM and guest check-in systems
Key features of VSGate system
Mobile identification means no need to touch the reader or lock to enter a door.
The access is granted remotely thanks to a cloud based control panel. The user gets invited by email instead of picking up traditional physical keys.
Access granted or removed with just one click, from any device or brouser. Integration with CRM's and registration pop-ups on website.

How mobile access works

Get invited via email by administrator
Activate the digital key in mobile app
Walk in
Just tap your phone close to door sensor you've been granted access to and walk in
Smart Architecture
VSGate access control is a system of connected readers and controllers managed over cloud-based control panel.
VSGate Reader
A reader with an integrated relay - connects directly to electric lock or turnstile.
Packed in a waterproof case (IP68) with light and sound indicator.
• Identification with smartphone using BLE
• Reading time - 0,3 seconds
• Direct WiFi connection to the cloud

Price: $ 199,00

Digital keys: $ 3,00 per user / mo

VSGate Controller
Our web connected controller works with any Wiegand reader. It can controll electric locks and turnstiles.
• Switching current: 2A
• Communication interface: WiFi or Ethernet
• Climatic resistance: IP20

Price: $ 199,00

Digital keys: $ 3,00 per user / mo
VSGate Mobile App
Mobile application for opening doors with smartphone. Registration via email or invitation code.
The opening mode has two opntions:
1. Tap on the access card,
2. Background mode (hands free).
The sensing range is adjustable from 0.2 to 5 m.
VSGate mobile app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play

Cloud based access system for coworkings, smart offices, hotels, pickup points

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