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Making access to any space mobile

BREAKING NEWS: today we have completed the development of our basic VSGate toolkit which makes access to any space MOBILE !

Everybody is familiar with car sharing, bike sharing and other "sharings"? We do the same for rooms and spaces.

What is included in VSGate solution:

1. Smartphone Reader

2. Cloud control panel

3. iOS, Android Mobile Apps

Briefly about the main features of each:

VSGate Reader I

- Reading smartphone's digital key via BlueTooth

- Interaction with the cloud via Wi-Fi

- Autonomous work without internet connection

- Management of one electric lock (any type: magnetic, mechanical, solenoid, latch)

- Reading range selection - from close touch to 1-2 meters (hands-free mode)

- Reader setup using smartphone

- Supporting RFID cards as a backup access means in case of dead phone

Control Panel

- Adding and removing users

- Issuing access rights to certain doors by email

- 24/7 door opening analytics

Mobile app

- Registration and login for users

- Display a list of virtual access cards

- Activation of the phone BLE and opening the door when clicking on the card

The advantage of the system is its SIMPLICITY:

1. The built-in controller means saving on hardware, you only need a reader and nothing else (no hubs, external controllers). And this is 2 x saving on time and installation costs

2. A cloud-based solution imeans fastest deployment, integrability with any other cloud software or mobile app.

3. And the "wow-effect" of course: your door opens with a touch of smartphone, while other office tenants carry cards on their necks.

You can see the VSGate system in action at offices of IT companies in Minsk.

A pre-order can be placed on our website vsagte.io

VSGate - together we bring the future closer, and the future of doors is keyless