VSGate News

What makes VSGate platform so special

VSGate is a cloud-based control panel for connected device networks in logistics, real estate and other industries.

The VSGate platform is being used by many enterprises to bring cloud intelligence to IoT devices.

The solution allows you to work with data in real-time no matter if it is the order pickup time in retail equipment or utilization period of private rooms and tables in smart offices. Moreover you can remotely grant or revoke door access in both cases.

Here is a short list of benefits you get when using VSGate platform:

1) Remote access control

  • Working with hardware and digital access control means
  • Mobile apps to open locks via BLE, NFC, WiFi
  • QR codes and numeric codes to provide  via mobile devices without app installion

2) Receiving data

  • Receiving lists of orders, users through integration or manual import

3) Data processing

  • Generation of access keys for end customers

4) Monitoring the status of devices

  • Online / offline status display
  • Saving logs of all events
  • Displaying the firmware version and settings

5) Remote firmware update

  • Sending updates to selected devices or the entire network

6) Data visualization

  • Pretty display of key KPIs - usage time, statistics on users, workload, etc.

7) Integration

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with the leading CRM and e-commerce tools
  • Custom API

8) Data security

  • Transparent data encryption (TDE)
  • Secure https connection to the server

9) Design

  • Innovation and high load speed
  • Intuitive interface
  • Multilingual, with the ability to edit the translation dictionary, basic language is English

Below are a few examples of the functionality of the VSGate platform for specific industries.


Cloud-based parcel locker network management

  • The client chooses delivery to the nearest parcel locker on the map, receives a notification of order readiness by phone SMS along with the code for opening the cell
  • Opens the cell by entering the PIN code on the locker touchscreen, scanning the QR code or using a button in the smartphone application - depending on the parcel locker configuration
  • Pays for the order by card on the spot, if it was not prepaid in advance
  • Returns the order to parcel locker after filling in the reason for the return. Multiple cells are enabled for large returns

  • The operator integrates the parcel lockers into a common network, manages orders, parcel lockers, couriers
  • Fills in information about the parcel locker - name, address, working hours - which are also displayed on the touchscreen of the locker
  • Activates and de-activates the parcel lockers
  • Changes the parcel locker screen saver by uploading a PNG image
  • Generates waybills for the delivery of orders to parcel lockers - by dragging and dropping orders onto the route
  • If necessary, changes the status of the order, extends the storage period, or cancels orders manually
  • Generates new keys to open a cell in case of errors on the part of the client or the courier

  • The courier delivers orders according to the waybill generated by the operator
  • Makes quick loading of parcels using the command to open all locker cells, step-by-step loading of each cell and selecting the order number from the drop-down list on the touchscreen
  • Retrieves refunds

  • The VSGate system automatically changes statuses when data is received, for example, "delivery to parcel locker", "waiting for payment", "sold", etc. with the ability to manually change the order status by the operator
  • Displays orders with a filtering option by any of the fields, while numeric indicators - date, order number, amount - are sorted by a specified range
  • Imports orders automatically via API splitting them among selected parcel lockers or via manual import in Excel file
  • Exports orders to Excel for working with statistics
  • Displays the history for each order - loading time, waiting time in the cell, date of payment and withdrawal by the buyer
  • Displays changes in the statuses of each cell, filtered by the required time range
  • Displays the status of connection and operability of the parcel locker - up / down
  • Receives at a specified interval, for example once a minute all events saved by the parcel locker 
  • Displays beautiful analytics for the total volume of orders / returns and for each parcel locker, for days and times of parcel pickups
  • Displays data for transparent billing for parcel locker usage in form of cell-usage-report for a certain month


Remote access control in smart offices

  • Management of an unlimited number of entry points equipped with connected readers and ACS controllers, integration into a common network and groups
  • Remote revoking / granting of access for residents
  • Online analytics on the time spent in a room with a filter for any user and any entry point
  • Support of Russian and English lunguage with the ability to edit the translation dictionary
  • Monitoring the status of locking devices
  • Ensuring secure communication of devices with the remote server
  • Configuring controllers - setting the intervals of double pass (anti-double), receiving a list of keys, receiving a new configuration, the duration of opening the lock
  • Displaying the firmware version of devices and updating it remotely, setting the frequency of updating the key database and configuration
  • Grabting access to a user or a list of users with choice of  entries, days of the week, time of day
  • Importing a list of users with access rights via a CSV file or from a third-party system via API
  • Search for a user by any parameter - name, email, access card or mobile key number
  • Billing - transparent generation of invoices for the reporting period and indication of payment status
  • Dispatcher window for real-time display of data on users logging in at a given entry now
  • Integration with third-party systems, integration with booking forms on the website by email
  • Out-of-the-box integrations via API-keys connecting the platform with third-party services: OfficeRnD, SpacePass, Envoy, andcards, Zapier, IFTTT