Parcel lockers for 24/7 delivery of online orders

Launching networks of customized lockers
Create your own parcel locker
Parcel lockers are modern, cost-effective, automated alternative of pick-up points. All you need for a locker to run is 2 sq.m space with access to electricity and Internet.
Screen App
Our locker screen aplication is the most user-friendly and intuitive. Additional options could be:
- Branding: customized colors, company logo
- Contactless payment (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay)

The parcel locker itself as well as its cells can have customized size in width, length and depth.
Available in any powder coating color or foil lamination.
Optionally parcel lockers can have
- manual emergancy unblocking system
- sensors to check if the cell is empty
- cooling or heating cells
- video cameras.

Cloud-based remote control
You can track what is happening with the orders in real time.
The parcel locker screens can be used for remote placement of advertising pictures.
Deliver your goods when and where your clients want it
Automate the last mile
VSGate - Parcel Lockers
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